dust & illusions in toronto

So the Flaming Lotus Girls will be in Toronto for the WinterCity Festival from Jan 28th till Feb 7th. It takes a lot of effort to pull off such a show. The Angel of the Apocalypse, which will be presented in Toronto, was first constructed in 2005 for Burning Man. To understand better the cultural background in which such sculptures are created and made possible, come and see Dust & Illusions, a new documentary about the event that features the Flaming Lotus Girls and will be playing at Bloor Cinema on Feb 3rd.

Dust & Illusions explores 30 years of Burning Man history. From the small gathering on the beach in San Francisco, Burning Man has become the largest Art Festival in North America, featuring works by groups like the Flaming Lotus Girls. The director, Olivier Bonin, has been part of the group since 2004. Through his work with the group at the Boxshop, a hub for Burning Man artists, Bonin unveiled layers of history of the San Francisco phenomenon and crafted a documentary that reveals a story of the difficulties of building community and making change in the world today.  Dust & Illusions is the perfect companion piece to give the audience of WinterCity a much deeper understanding of what the Flaming Lotus Girls represent and what it takes to create such marvelous sculptures. 

Dust & Illusions first showed in Canada in Vancouver and was the largest show so far with 600 people who came to see the film there!! Now the film will be showing in Toronto on Feb 3rd, Calgary on Jan 28th and Montréal on Feb 4th. Director Olivier Bonin will be there for Q&A, and will remain in Toronto for the WinterCity Festival!

Get Tickets Now. $8/$12 online. $15/20 door.
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THE MAN IN 1987 on the beach of SAN FRANCISCO

THE MAN IN 2004 on the Black Rock Desert


Flaming Lotus Girls: the best of Burning Man today

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