Flaming Lotus Girl video podcast!

thanks to the wonderful work of a team of students from Expression College, we’ve got ourselves a shiny new video podcast!

for the past couple of months, Andrew Bauer, Patrick Krier, Kate McAlpine, and Skye X have been working on this video documentary for a course assignment. they braved the screeching of grinders and the flying of sparks to record interviews, shoot footage at the box shop and mingle among the many Lotus Girls who have been hard at work on the Angel of the Apocalypse (which is being loaded onto the truck as I write!).

when asked via IM why they chose us as their focus, Andrew’s answer was easy: “We chose fire sculpture because who doesn’t like to watch things blow up?” Indeed. I know it’s why I keep coming back.

See it for yourself on CurrentTV or watch it below!

And come out to see the Flaming Lotus Girls at the WinterCity Festival in Toronto January 29 – February 11, 2010!



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  1. Fantastic article, dude. Cannot wait for your next one.


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