angel, angel, angel!

Babs & the body

Sparks are FLYING down at the Box Shop as we make our final push to finish the Angel… She ships in 3 days, and we are right on top of our schedule!

It’s been feeling like late August around here lately, with that familiar sprint-to-the-finish rush we all know and love just before we ship our piece to the playa for Burning Man. Hooray for the tangible excitement of dozens of fabricators, geeks, planners, plumbers, floozies and more all scurrying all around the place.

But there are a few major differences to this shipping deadline: it’s chilly, and the sun sets by 5. We’re on the other side of the solstice. We’re shopping for insulated coveralls, wool socks and gloves.

JDV, Margaret & fire

And except for the exasperation of meeting a comically long list of TSSA international shipping regulations, weare not freaking out. Not in that bad way. We were even sweeping the floor and collecting empty beer bottles on Sunday night. That is how on point we are: having time at the end of the day to clean.

We’re also feasting on delicious food, trying on silly hats, and hanging upside-down from the Body by our knees: see Matt’s pictures of our last two work days here and here.

Lou & Robin with Tom's Bell!

The original Angel had a bell in her chest, and so will thisversion. We chose one of Tom Kennedy’s lovely bells, buffed its exterior and will be clear-coating it to preserve its gorgeous shine. We left the edges of the holes in their slightly rusty glory, so as to include Tom’s touch. Lou, hugging the bell, will make a clapper, and it will be ready to ring.

Another indication that we’re so far beyond our typical panic crunch: we’re so good, we can *practice* packing.  Tonight, we put all 16 feathers, large and small, into their racks. Then we all cheered and congratulated ourselves for the clever design. We just removed them for finishing touches. The racks are being painted right now in the box shop: screaming FLG red.

The Flaming Lotus Girls have the best racks.

update 1/13/09: For those of you in the vicinity of Toronto, come check out our hard work in person at the WinterCity Festival! We’ll be running our fire every night; check out the schedule and come get toasty, and laugh at us poor, soft northern Californians as we jump up and down in insulated Carhartt coveralls keep from freezing.



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  1. Alison

     /  January 13, 2010

    I’m looking forward to seeing your stuff here in Toronto!


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