calendar sneak peek!

while we’ve been busy lil kitties over at the Box Shop getting the Angel of the Apocalypse ready for Toronto, us Lotus Girls have managed to find time to have a wee bit of fun. for the past few weeks, it’s been photo shoot madness! lotus girls gettin dolled up (and sometimes even oiled up), looking fierce with fire and metal for our annual gift to you: the 2010 Flaming Lotus Girl calendar! Take a sneak peek at these shots…and stay tuned for how you can get these lovelies on your wall!

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  1. I like my AoA photo at the top! It was atmospheric tension and a great moment when that first firework went off.

    Sweet photos but my suggestion is if we want to sell calenders let’s raunch it up a bit (I mean wrench of course) it can be sexy in a silly way. Look at the last calender. Dig out an old SRL calender. Theirs was great! Tourists love SF cult paraphernalia, that’s how I sold them to my European friends….

    Good work everyone bringing the AoA back to life. My personal favorite project! Wish I lived closer, I’d be there!

    Meow, B’anna

  2. well, these are just a smattering of the pics we’ve been taking. i’ve saved the racier ones for the calendar! keep your eyes peeled for it!


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