the sunday pages vol. 1 ep. 1

welcome to a (hopefully) new weekly installment of lotus girl updates from our trials, tribulations and ridiculous adventures at the Box Shop! wejoe doin his thing! trust you will be thrilled and intrigued at every turn as we dazzle you with tales of seam welding and sculpture repair and flame effect madness!

lots of lotus girls are hard at work preparing the Angel of the Apocalypse for its debut in Toronto in late January 2010 at the WinterCity 2009 festival. for the past few weeks, on any given night, you can find the lotus girls scurrying about, learning how to seam weld stainless sheet, putting together plans for the body and head of the sculpture, and grinding our hearts out to make the feathers shiny and pretty for their big show.

today was a day like any other day. grinder in hand, respirator just starting to itch, hot sun beating down on my shoulders. i took a break tobrent likes long walks on the beach... find yet another extension cord and walked into the shop. just when i thought the day might proceed without event, i discover quite the opposite was true inside.

two of our very own fabulous photographers were shooting lots of lotus girls for our upcoming 2010 FLG calendar (shameless plug for merchandise here…check out the 2009 calendar here). with the photographers at the ready, one of our faves, brent, was getting his due in the spotlight. i think the shot speaks for itself. it was a tremendously fun day. in the midst of grinding and seam welding, the lotuscatherine's delicacies make our sunday! girls certainly always know how to have a good time. we hope to have the calendar ready before the holidays, just in time for all that gift giving!

stayed tuned for more adventures from the box shop!

until then, meows!



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  1. Stacy

     /  October 26, 2009

    Get ready, Toronto!

    Looking forward to the next calendar.

  2. Coming to Bay Area for my 60th BDay. I’m a big fan of FLG, thanks to Jessica Hobbs. Any events, exhibits or ??? that my crones and I could haunt this weekend?

  3. Jess

     /  November 9, 2009

    I think for your 60th we need to teach you to weld!
    xo, Jess


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