The Coachella Experience

The crowd was very different from Burning Man, but they weren’t the yahoos I  think we were all expecting.  I think that sort of event really breeds spectating, so participating (by pushing buttons or by interacting with the art in whatever bizarre, over-the-top way one can conceive of) just isn’t within that crowd’s purview.

I heard lots and lots of compliments, wows, and general excitement and amazement.  Lot’s of people were asking whether it breathed fire / calling it a dragon. The kids at the festival just *adored* it and had a great time mashing buttons and controlling the jaw on occasion.  And a few people came up and mentioned they’d seen it before at Burning Man and really loved it and our work!

Overall a good, but very different experience.  I’m glad I went, and the lack of dust is *really* nice (walking barefoot on grass after a long day of work is devine!), but it certainly doesn’t replace Burning Man.

– Beth

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