Engineering help needed!

FLG are looking for a structural engineer to help us bring to life our latest creation…Soma. Do you know someone who can help?!

Flaming Lotus Girls are busy at work on our latest fire sculpture – Soma – for Burning Man 2009. We’re looking for some expert engineering help and support. What we need: an engineering whiz to give us structural guidance. Using our drawings and material specifications (mostly in stainless steel), this whiz will do some basic calculations to make sure the sculpture is a) strong enough to support its weight; and b) able to be freestanding. In gratitude for this help, we’ll be offering a ticket to Burning Man…and our everlasting love and affection. If you can help or know someone else who can, please contact us:


About Soma

Soma is a fantastical sculpture that translates the anatomy of neurons into metal, fire and light, magnifying the microscopic world to an epic scale. It is composed of two neurons bound through electrochemical pulses. One neuron appears partially buried in the playa, the other floats overhead while an elegant axon arches between them. Fire and lighting effects flow like electrochemical signals from the buried, transmitting neuron over the high-reaching axon to the elevated, receiving neuron. For more information see

For general information about FLG, check out our site!

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