Serpent Mother Coachella Build Days 1 and 2

Serpent Mother takes on So Cal at Coachella this week. She’s been in the desert before, but never one with grass. The container arrived last Friday morning and we started the build on Saturday. Getting everything out of the container was a breeze with the massive VR forklift they provided and we were feeling pretty slick when we took a break for dinner. We had our worklights set up and we were ready to go all night. When we got back after eating though, we found that the massive golf course sprinklers were in full force all over, under and around our work site. Panic and fury ensued. Great photos to come! (We got the sprinklers turned off Sunday.) Sunday was brilliant. We got the entire spine up before we broke last night and you can see the event staff falling in love with the piece. It is so much easier to put this monster together with two forklifts at your command. We would send gorgous photos, but Coachella demands we wait on pictures until after the event. Tomorrow the manlift and the rest of the vertebrae, and the hed! Great crew and good times. Karen

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