Serpent Mother at the Opulent Temple party, March 6th


We are very excited to say we will have a special showing of the Serpent Mother at the Opulent Temple fundraiser on March 6th on Treasure Island!! Between the sound and the art, this promises to be a very special party indeed. Details are:-

The Opulent Temple has rocked you and soothed you for going on 7 years now.  Big, beautiful & infectious beats, wicked sound, world class talent and warm faces bathed in fire light.  We’d like to be able to do it again, (and so does Carl).  

Were you there Friday night when he played this past summer at OT?  WOW. One of, if not the greatest night we’ve ever had the pleasure to host.  Legendary.

Please join us & Carl Cox for this special event featuring the OT’s distinct production closer to home than ever before, in collaboration with the Flaming Lotus Girls, The Deep End, Pete Hudson, Hookahdome, Stop Time 341, UV 99 & variety of artists, performers, Art Cars and spontaneous wonderment.

For example…

A Rare and Special showing of the Serpent Mother, by the Flaming Lotus Girls (


Homoborous in full effect, by Pete Hudson (

+ much, much more mind blowing art of ALL shades

Like 5 Areas of Music:
Main Temple
Carl Cox (, UK)
Mark Lewis (Mixology, L.A.)
Syd Gris (Opulent Temple)
Alain Octavo ( / Spundae)
Rooz (

Mini Temple
Dutch (Opulent Temple / Thump)
Vinkalmann (Opulent Temple)
Cosmic Selector (Opulent Temple)
Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple / Opel / Pronoia)
Drew Drop (Opulent Temple)
Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple / Nutbass)
Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)
Atimatik (Opulent Temple / Disfunktion)

In The Deep End
Clarkie (Deep End / In Deep)
Kramer (Deep End /
Layne Loomis (Deep End)
Ben Seagren (Deep End / Sense SF)
Zach Moore (Deep End)
Floorcraft (Freeform)

Inside Homoborous
Mephisto Odyssey (Groovequest /N-Mity Sounds)
Smoove (
Aaron Jae (Space Cowboys / Evil Breaks)
Influence (Strategik)
Liam Shy (Tantra)
Jonboy (Dubalicious)

The Hookahdome

Jef Stott (Six Degrees)
Janaka Selekta (Worldly)
Funkminsta Fulla (MoPimp Records)
Belly dancing by Allure & more tba
Visuals by StopTime 341 (
Lasers by Skippy, Micro & UV99 (
Art Cars, Creative Nooks, Ambient Entertainment, Spontaneous Performance,
Colorful Characters, conscious trouble

Discounted $20 pre-sale @

Fully permitted venue, bars are cash only, so plan accordingly.  There will be an ATM & FREE coat check on site.

Volunteers & artistic contributions needed!  If interested, write

This is a 100% benefit for the Opulent Temple aspirations for ’09.  (Our participation will depend on fund raising, so this party means a lot).  Please help us spread the word by forwarding this invite to your friends, regional & music message boards, Facebook, etc.

There is limited parking available, first come first served, so early arrival recommended – Please carpool, taxi, etc. 
Free shuttle provided from SF & Oakland.  See website for details.

200 California Ave
Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA



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  1. Annie Martin

     /  February 13, 2009

    We have our presale tickets and are so delighted to attend and support. Much peace. let’s dance!

  2. Johnny

     /  February 23, 2009

    Amiee your soo cute. Hope to see ya at the party!

  3. Andrea Pescosolido

     /  March 6, 2009

    anybody’s got extra tickets for 20$-30$ ?
    i’d love to get to be in this event but 40$ is way too much expensive!

  1. The Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother Art Opening On Treasure Island

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