Mutopia sneak preview BBQ at the Boxshop

Well we set a deadline for a sneak preview so we HAD to have some finished pods on view and with fire all ready to go.  We had a hugely productive all night work session to get it ready and waited for friends and family and random others to turn up.

Rosa Anna, in addition to being a superstar plumbing queen had marninaded some lovely meat and the grill was fired up.  The plumbing and set up took a little bit of time, especially as the main kitties responsible were all pretty tired from the previous nights work.

We had a lovely evening, the test went well, we learned a lot, we ate some good food and had met old and new friends and then pestered them for funds to help fill our plumbing cabinets with fittings and welders with spools of wire and decent contact tips.

We had a couple of FLG birthdays, Happy birthday to Slinky and Chrissie, someone made lots of cupcake birthday cakes.  And to top it all we were all over and done for 11.30 so had time to get to a party as well!

Go go FLG.  You all rock.  Go go FLG friends and family.  Thanks so much for emptying your wallets after you had been accosted for the third time by yet another welding cutie with a collection box asking for cash.

Thanks for the love and support and we look forward to seeing you enjoying Mutopia in its full glory on the playa,  only a few weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!

For a few more pics of the sneak preview check out Slinkys friends pics on

Firey lipstick and kisses from Michelle and all the Flaming Lotus Girls

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