Flatbedding it! – Days 6 and 7

Recently, the Flaming Lotus Girls were invited by a Taiwanese group, Dream Community, to create a flame effect for a mobile art installation, for the Dream Community April parade in Taipei. For this project, we sent Dave X., and Yasi to Taipei for two weeks to live within the Dream Community, in Taipei, and collaborate in making fire art. Here is Yasi’s blog documenting her experience working with the Dream Community, and the creation of the  fire art.

June 11, 2008 –

Today the stock arrived for the flat bed. I began model making and drawing an outline of the general size of the Fire Breather.

We went to the factory and ordered more steel stock. Fortunately, the factory manager and I came to agreement that it would be alot easier to build the thing at the factory instead of trying to set-up a space at the Dream Community, where there isn’t even enough power outlets to support running any kind of large machine, much less two of them at the same time! I tried telling Gordon this a few times, but he assured me that it would be ok…! Now I have his cousin on my side…maybe he will listen to a man?!?!?! It happens all the time…no matter where you are.Outline

Moving on…

June 12, 2008 –

Today the dude came by to build the flat bed…the professional! It was crazy to watch him work. No welding hood, respirator or gloves or anything! And he was welding galvanized…zinc fumes…mmmm…thank goodness I brought my gear. Phew!Building the FlatbedFlatbed done

It was done by the late afternoon. Cleo, my lovely “assistant”, and I went to town painting the flatbed black to prevent the welds from rusting. Cleo is an awesome painter and artist. She has made all the decorations for the Tree Cafe and her and her friend Happy, who also works at the cafe, have a clothing design business.

CleoCleo\'s Art

Later that night, the girls and I went out on the town for some unbelievable Japanese BBQ and beer. Of course the Taiwanese don’t really drink: one beer and they are tipsy…it’s so cute! The girls were telling me that I can probably drink “really good,” meaning I can drink a lot! Hah! I don’t think so…but maybe compared to them I can. I didn’t forget to leave the mark!

BBQGirls Night Out


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