Shopping! – Day 5

Recently, the Flaming Lotus Girls were invited by a Taiwanese group, Dream Community, to create a flame effect for a mobile art installation, for the Dream Community April parade in Taipei. For this project, we sent Dave X., and Yasi to Taipei for two weeks to live within the Dream Community, in Taipei, and collaborate in making fire art. Here is Yasi’s blog documenting her experience working with the Dream Community, and the creation of the  fire art.

June 10, 2008

I am waking up at 6am every morning! This is amazing because I usually never get up this early in the States. Definitely gives me a head start on the day, although not much is open at this time of morning in Taipei. Most shops and places open at 9am or 10am. Breakfast places are open though!

Today JJ and I go shopping! Totally unlike the kind that everyone is used to thinking girls like doing here. Everyone keeps pointing out the different malls and department stores to me and asking, “You like shopping?” and I tell them, “Yea, but not the kind you think…!” We go to B&Q the Taiwanese version of Home Depot. B&Q We pick up most of the basics, including a fire extinguisher (do I hear a “good kitty” somewhwere?), gloves and dust masks. They don’t have all the plumbing I need so we got to another store that’s in downtown Taipei.

First, we stop at a roadside stand and get something that can be described as the Taiwanese version of a hot dog, but MUCH MUCH better! Instead of a bread bun, they make it out of sticky rice and instead of onions and pickles, they put in sliced ginger and chili paste!!!! I also practiced my Mandarin with JJ.

Tawian Hot Dog

Hot Dog MakerJJ

In Taiwan, you can say “Ola” for hello…like in Spanish. Crazy isn’t it? They use alot of words from other languages in Taiwan, specially since they speak about 5-6 different languages here.

Next stop: Din Sun Wu Chin – the plumbing store. I draw pictures and have JJ translate for me. The store owner, makes some phone calls and people start coming into the store off their motorbikes with various regulators, hoses and fittings. Something that would have usually taken a half hour maximum has now taken us two and a half hours!

Plumbing Store


Next we went to the metal scrap yard and picked up some stainless tubing and pipe. Yikes! SO exciting. Finally, getting some progress done.

Here are some photos:

Unloading PipeUnloading 2

Steel in the Workshop

Well that’s all for today. Tomorrow, I get more stock and equipment delivered to the workshop area to set-up the workspace. Also it’s time to enlist some serious assistants to get this project done!

Love from TPE.

xooxoxox Yasi xoo

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