Parade in Pindong – Day 2

Recently, the Flaming Lotus Girls were invited by a Taiwanese group, Dream Community, to create a flame effect for a mobile art installation, for the Dream Community April parade in Taipei. For this project, we sent Dave X., and Yasi to Taipei for two weeks to live within the Dream Community and collaborate in making fire art. Here is Yasi’s blog documenting her experience working with the Dream Community, in Taipei while making the art.

June 7, 2008 –

Today we took a 5 hour drive down to Pindong, a village in the south of Taiwan, where the Paiwan tribe children had their parade. We got out of Taipei around 11am and arrived there at 4pm.Gordon and Inchi on the way to Pindong

Tomas and Nina

We stopped for some lunch and I had the most amazing pineapple ever! It was so sweet and soft and juicy! Yum. This region is also known for it’s betel nut or “Bin Lan” as it’s known over here. You can see everyone’s mouths stained red and the streets lined with palm tree looking trees, but they are Bin Lan trees.

When we arrived, the kids that were in the parade were still getting ready, so instead I walked around the school grounds and made some friends with some girls playing basketball. They were all very excited to speak english and to meet a foreigner.Pindong Girls

The kids were really excited and had a great time in the parade. Gordon was heading the parade breathing fire in a Mexican wrestling mask and speedo’s, followed by two troupes of drumming kids, with locally inspired puppets. One of the puppets was a serpent! It was great to see the local villagers gather around and have fun, clap and laugh.

Little Girl gets her kit on!Everyone is in on the fun

The parade lasted for 3 hours, after which, we all piled back in the van and drove back to Taipei. Video coming soon!!!

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