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We are very excited! If you haven’t already heard….Mutopia is going to Burning Man. YEAH!!!!!!! And better yet we are part of an amazing selection of art that will be filling the landscape this year. Please take a look at the Mutopia site for more details and please take a look at all of the other art listed below.

Love and Fiery Mutopia Kisses,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls

Excerpt from:
Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 12, Issue #11 – The Art Edition
March 11, 2008
The funded projects are:

Altered State, by Kate Raudenbush, New York, NY (Click on New: Altered State)

Amazing Jellyfish from Y12K, by Jared Gallardo, Salt Lake City, UT

Basura Sagrada, by Shrine, Tuktuk, and the Basura Sagrada Collaboratory – Pasadena, CA and Portland,

Bummer, by Myk Henry, New York, NY/Geneva, Switzerland “Bummer” is a super size Humvee measuring 38 feet long x 18 feet wide x 16 feet high. Half of the Hummer will be painted in military khaki and the other half a bright sporty color. This sculpture epitomizes this country’s obsession with power and the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the American dream.

Celtic Forest, by Laura Kimpton, Bob Hoffman and Jeff Schomberg, Nicasio, CA

Chasing the American Dream, by Hedy Siroco, Wynnewood PA

Checkpoint DreamYourTopia, by DADARA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Drum Wagons, by Quill Hyde, Brooklyn NY

Elevation, by Michael Christian, Berkeley, CA
Elevation is a fully climbable sculpture constructed of winding tube steel ladders that elevate to a seated perch for one, on its peak. The height of the piece will be 56 feet.

Fleeble Flobbler, by Charlie Smith and Jaime Laudet, Atlanta, GA

Free Flight, by David Boyer, Reno NV
“Free Flight” is a sculpture that celebrates the ultimate freedom, the escape from the bounds of earth. Consisting of six wind-driven kinetic birds, this sculpture is in constant flux as the winds of the Black Rock grow, recede, shift and change.

Hand of Man, by Christian Ristow, Taos, New Mexico

Harmonic Geometry, by Glenn Easley and Rikk Carey, Vashon, WA glenn.Easley at

Hydrogen Economy, by False Profit Labs, San Francisco, CA

Illusion, by Benson Trent, Provo, UT

Ketchup, by Bruce Bender, Marshall, NC

Legends of America, by James Cole, Auburn, CA

Lepidodgera, by Rachel Norman, Mike Thielvoldt, Lira Filippini, and Jake Haskell, Palo Alto, CA

Man Gwyn Man Draw?, by Defaid Daf a Joe, Wales bleiddes at

McEnlightenment, by Michael Brown and Violet McKeon, San Diego, CA

Mutopia, by the Flaming Lotus Girls, San Francisco, CA

Net Work, by David Bengali, New York, NY

Nowhere Ominibus, by Pete Johnson, London, UK

Pictures of You – Images from Iran, by Yechdosay Chahar, Crested Butte, CO

Pool, by Jen Lewin, Boulder, CO

Popaver Rubrum Giganticum, by Gary Miller, Wyndmoor, PA
Popaver rubrum giganteum (giant red poppy) consists of three hundred 10′ tall poppies in various shades of red. The design allows for variation in the layout and placement of the individual elements.

Pswarm, by the Dept. of Spontaneous Combustion, Oakland, CA

Pyrocardium, by False Profit Labs, San Francisco, CA

Shiva Vista, by Dave King, Reno, NV

Shrine of Fortuna, by Art Farm, Graton, CA

Shrine to the Oven Mitt, by Steven Goodman, Mountain View, CA

Spaghetti West Ten, by the Mutoid Waste Co., London, UK
A 12′ long, by 15′ tall motorized apocalyptic horse, part beast, part rust-ravaged machine, pulls a punked-out parody of a pioneer’s covered wagon, which contains a stage for musical acts and performance.

Swarm, by Michael Prados, San Francisco, CA

Tantalus, by Peter Hudson, San Francisco, CA
Tantalus is Peter’s fourth large scale zoetrope. Participants must engage a laboriously intense mechanism that puts a modern spin on the myth of Tantalus while reflecting on the seemingly dwindling fruits of such labor.

The Cave, by Chassy Cleland and Henya Emmer, New York, NY

Wheel of Thwarted Ambition, by Anton Viditz-Ward, Telluride, CO
This kinetic fire sculpture represents change, rebirth and creation. Driven by a hand crank, a wheel containing buckets of burning wood is spun around, creating a ring of fire and producing lots of fireflies.

You are All so Many of Me, by Michael Emery, Santa Cruz, CA
A multitude of small cut mirrors provides the opportunity for both literal and metaphorical reflection. During the day, the viewer perceives a cubist self-portrait smiling back. At certain points during the night this reflection will be enhanced with a variety of images projected by LCD upon the mirrors. The viewer is invited to interact with images of fire and water as well as a racial/gender spectrum of other humans. The viewer is invited to contemplate, and perhaps to help create the American Dream of FREEDOM FOR ALL.

ZsuZsu, by Mister Jellyfish, Sparks, NV

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