A lovely letter from a Chicago welder… aka Colinne’s dad

A lovely letter from a chicago welder aka a flg’s dad regarding our calendar:-

 Dear Flaming Lotus Girls,
My daughter Colinne sent me a copy of your 2008 Calendar.

It is a marvellous piece of work. 
The frontpiece- the gigantic Dragon creature with curving vertebrae
lights illuminating the spectaors is a Gobstopper.
A few years ago while visiting Colinne and Tim in San Francisco I had
the privilege of spending a few hours with some of you at the “Box
Works” banging the anvil and getting a few weld sparks down my shirt.
All of which makes me appreciate the countless hours of pure drudge
work you invested to make your vision live.
Love y’all,

Mike “Da” Byrne

ps, Re. “Costumes”
In all my years of welding pipework and shaping metal never have I
seen “Welders’ Leathers” look so alluring.

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