We’re speaking tonight at the Leonardo Talk

We’re speaking tonight at the burning man. leonardo talk downtown SF:- 


 the canvas and paintbrush of Burning Man fire art spectaculars 

  Fire Arts & Burning Desires tristan27860.jpg

  Date:   November 2, 2007   Time:  7:00 PM   At:      swissnex San Francisco            730 Montgomery Street            San Francisco, CA 94111   

In a collaboration between Burning Man, Leonardo journal and swissnex  San Francisco, an evening symposium titled Fire Arts & Burning Desires  will present several Burning Man fire artists, who will discuss the  use of their work with fire as a creative medium.  

 From pyrrhic highlight to transcendent interaction, when is fire an  appropriate part of a sculptural statement? How do we use fire in a  safe way for both the artist and the audience? Learn about the behind  the scenes gyrations of previous Burning Man fire art spectacles.   

Fire Arts & Burning Desires is hosted by swissnex San Francisco and  presented by Burning Man and Leonardo journal, who recently  collaborated in publishing an exclusive collection of essays and  photographs on the Fire Arts of Burning Man (Leonardo Volume 40 Issue  # 4, 2007).   

Speakers presenting at the symposium will include Crimson Rose (The  Fire Goddess), The Flaming Lotus Girls, (TBA), Bill Codding (The  Burninator), Wally Glen (The Zen Fire Garden) and DaveX, who will  discuss the safety parameters of working with fire in an artistic way.  

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  1. this is cool

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