Our work from new heights

serpent_above.jpgIt’s been a busy day finalizing the piece, testing fire on the teeth and fangs, testing electrics. We’re exploring new way of programming the LED’s through a program David made – we can create new light patterns with images drawn in photoshop. It adds new life to the Serpent. The program that runs the poofers was updated by Lee to include the use of Wee controllers. Basically you wave a wand and the poofs follow the wand. You can orchesrate the Serpent like Mickey in Fantasia.

We’re working hard. We’re tired. Yurt life (yes, 15 of us in one yurt makes for close, somewhat stinky quarters) has really helped the sense of the collective work we do.


Yesterday we took a trip outside of Delft to visit the local Dutch artist Theo Jansen who’s kinetic, biological, organic beach creatures inspired thoughts of fire sculptural movement. Yes, he blew our collective minds… What this could lead to. Flaming minds alight.

So we’re signing off. It’s past midnight and another day of work lies ahead.

Love and flaming kisses. More detailed updates to come.


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