Emotional Vampires

suzanne.jpghi <Kttens JDV heere in the AAMSTsteram. I goota tellya that there are four pictures on the wall in the commissary and they are All of the the Serpent Momma!!!! The local press apparently thinks that RoboDock == Flaming Lotus Girls! So we have already won the show without even setting up anything. But, we have accidentally worked ahead of Schdeule but the battery is out power so I will have to fill all yo kittens on the details l8tr because it is runnnnnnnnnnnning outtttt. + we got 4 new FLGers today, welcoming MPrados, JUDY, Yasi, and ScotMichelle, so we are now rumming along., AnywAY free wine at dinner and the battery is deaDX so no more posting now……………………….

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