Fire Art Festival 2007

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the festival. You were either out of town, your head was in the sand, you are a fan from far away, or you didn’t have the spare change (sorry it was a little steep this year).sm_faf_egg.jpg

So here are some images, moving and still, to give you a glimpse of our little snake:

Olivier Bonin, who is one of us and documents us, created another one of his mini-menterys of our installation at The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival in Oakland.

We also appeared today in Wired, photos by the lovely Lane Hartwell, a talented local photographer. As well our friend Karl Seifert joined us here on the West Coast to take some images of the snake, and get lots of love from all of us who miss having him around. Karl is one of the photographers who helped with our upcoming calander (preview here a picture of the sexy hotmetal. I swear it is coming soon!). Hepp Maccoy also sent to us a fine little ditty from the FAF this year.

Firey Kisses,
The Flaming Lotus Girls

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