Amazing how in the end it comes together.


Just days ago it seemed we were all questioning if we could do it, if we could put this piece together again and stuff it in a 40 container to boot. But somehow like we keep managing to do, the piece is up, people are amazed, and it is still wonderful to be a Flaming Lotus Girl.



How does it happen? Even if I attempt to define it, am at a loss to explain how so many people come from different backgrounds, with different skill sets come together and manage to make something like the Serpent Mother. How unlikely is a group like ours that can celebrate this achievement.  For example did you know there are two Girls amongst us who only last year were enjoying the Serpent at the Fire Arts Festival as audience members and are now counted as Flaming Lotus Girls.  This is the story how a lot of us found our way to the FLG.

Firey Lipstick kisses,
The Flaming Lotus Girls

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  1. Great Job! I love working with all of you on this project. Thanks for being patient and teaching me valuable new things.

  2. Indira we couldn’t have done it without you. You were at the shop every night. We are lucky to have you!

  3. That is such a lovely picture of Cheryl (Black hair) and I. She is wonderful inspirational, always positive, always working, always smiling and always FUN. I love her. Thank you for posting that picture : )

  4. Both of you look so happy and satisfied, I thought it spoke a lot about how hard we worked to put up our momma.


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