The Serpent Has Landed

Question: How do you fit a 168 foot serpent and her egg into a 40 foot shipping container?

a. by magic (al la twitiching nose trick from Bewitched)
b. by shear F*#@*ing will (I learned how to do this one from my father, love you dad)
c. in a delirious state late in the morning around 4 or 6 am still trying to weld stuff together (this never happens :-) )
d. through the wonderful power of friends (just come down for the weekend and visit, we’ll just stop by the shop for a few minutes.)
e. all of the above

Answer: None of the above. You get the Famous Loading Girls to do it, of course! The Famous Loading Girls also Moonlight as a strange art group that makes rather large fire sculptures occasionally, maybe you’ve heard of them. Actually the answer is e, you guessed right.

Kiwi Container Mover

The Serpent was packed around 6 am yesterday and then picked up by the coolest container truck I have seen. And I wasn’t the only one impressed, the whole crew at the Crucible stopped work for a seconded to notice that the Flaming Lotus Girls had the coolest container truck they has ever seen, too.

The Serpent Mother World Tour is now beginning. The first unveiling of the new and improved Serpent will be seen July 11-14 at the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland. And after a wonderful show in Oakland she will be off on her European adventure to Amsterdam at the Robodock Festival.

Love and Lipstick Kisses,
The Flaming Lotus Girls


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  1. Very impressive serpent! Beautious!

  2. It’s a very nice system :D


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