A grant and vote of support from the Black Rock Arts Foundation

We recently received a grant from BRAF (Black Rock Arts Foundation) for our Serpent Mother World Tour!! BRAF is our most favorite non-profit. In the last 2 years, they have energetically promoted and facilitated some of the most stunning and beautiful burning man art appearing in civic installations; pepe’s Dreamer, karen and dan’s Passage, michael christian’s Flock, and many other artworks.


  They’ve moved on to funding new civic art like the Bandshell opening in the panhandle next week. Bravo BRAF. We look forward to seeing their next move and know it will be interesting!

Regarding our grant funding from BRAF, not only are we excited to receive money from BRAF, we are happy that BRAF sees and shares our vision for the snake 2007. So far, we have raised about $8000 in the last 2 months and need another $30K to go. Better get our arses in gear.  And now, back to work in the shop…. Where FLGs happily cut, weld, grind metal into little pieces of shiny stainless steel vertebrae

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