You, yes you: Learn the ways of the Serpent

From Lee:

Want to learn how to…. how to create and assemble a 170′, 5 ton, steel, propane, methanol, electronic, and hydraulic serpent? Want to get your hands dirty working with other girls?

I was at the Box Shop Saturday and Sunday and there is a lot going on!
all in preparation for Fire Arts Festival and Robodock next month.

The Serpent spine was mostly set up. Many mild steel parts were painted, work on improving the poofer solinoids was done, the poofer systems are being checked out and installed, the egg copper is being pounded (and pounded (and pounded) and pounded) and put in place. Did I mention the copper pounding? Don’t worry, we have ear plugs for you.

The best way to get involved in art is to just show up and see what there is to be done that day. Something as large as this has so many aspects… it’s “multi-disciplinary”. If you weren’t there this weekend, you missed the chance to weld, shape metal, english wheel, valve design, electronic snubbers, copper blooming, aluminum welding, large art assembly, fitting and …. I dunno, lots of stuff.

If you’ve got a car, the best time to come down is most any afternoon or evening. If you’ve got to pick one night, make it this Wednesday 7-midnight.

Contact me at Lee at FlamingLotus dat com to get on the Flaming Lotus Buds mailing list. Find out the where and when of it all!

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