the shipyard has been shutdown by the city of berkeley

the shipyard has been shutdown by the city of berkeley.

there is no power, 40 artists have 3 days to leave the yard and find a new space.

this is a sad moment for everyone.  its a tragedy. the shipyad has been the focus of metal art in berkeley.  it was a resource for many artists, and losing the shipyard is a blow for the bay area. for us, and many other artists, it was a way station of knowledge and tools and like minded people.

These spaces are hard to build, and don’t come back. its a one way process to dismantle it.

 Many FLGs have containers at the shipyard, and Jim Mason has always been a huge supporter of FLG and all artists. Jim has always been a very generous individual to us and other people. When we made the Hand of God, Jim gave us the very special expensive solenoid valves, we could not have done it without him. His only request was that we not disembowel them, which was obviously the first thing we did. And he even forgave us that, in the end :)

If you can, please visit the shipyard and help someone move. They need your help.

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