Eagle on Lotus

Here’s a letter we recently received from Brazil :-)

Dear Flaming Girls,

I am eagle-on-lotus.jpgcalling from Brazil. I am lawyer, poet and journalist. In my free time I am also investing in fine art ( oil on canvas) studying and practicing with the Hyper-Realistic Master Ricardo Gomes from Casa do Artista ( House of Artist), a leading atelier located in Goiania, the pop charming Capital of Goias, lost in the loving realm of Savannah from Central Brazil. My main theme is Lotus Flower. I saw your work Serpent Mother on the Internet. So, I want to express my admiration for the great work you create. Congratulations. I am also including for you see a picture from one of my last works, Eagle on Lotus Flower.

With deep gratitude,

Rosalvo Leomeu Vidal

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  1. Hi my name is Mechelle am from Barbados what inspired you to do this piece


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