I just spoke to Maik in Amsterdam and he is sending us a letter of Invitation to ROBODOCK 2007!

We will be bringing the Serpent Mother in all her Glory to Europe! This means a lot of work this summer to make her, her sexy best. Plus a lot of fund raising. To make all of this happen we are going to need to fund raise around $50,000 this summer. If anyone has any thoughts on where to raise more money please tell us!

I am so happy! I love Robodock it is the coolest festival I have ever been to. Incredible people running the show, incredible artist, and fantastic city…all of you should fly out and see it.

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  1. maya

     /  July 23, 2008

    Hi, I´m an spanish artist,Do you know when is 2008 robodock´s festival?I´m trying to contact Maik and it´s been dificult..


     /  August 11, 2008

    Hi, i am a french fan of RD Fest i got no reply concerning 2008 dates. Still waiting


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