The Serpent Rises

josh_hunter.jpgLucky you, we just aren’t quite satisfied with all of the back breaking work we did last year, we want to do it again this year! Just got word this week that that Serpent Mother will be gracing the Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival with her presence. This means all of you who didn’t get enough of her last year can bask in her glow this coming July 11-14. And the rest of you who are far too wise to go wallow out in the desert for a week, you can see her in the flesh and blood.

I know even though you would never be caught dead out on the desert you still look at the pictures, and maybe were sad you didn’t go last year because the Serpent Mother was amazing (Plus a few other amazing things you missed. Some of which might also be at the Fire Arts Festival. Man you have it sooooo eazy, no dust, no heat, no crazy hippy-ravers, and you can even take BART home to go sleep in your comfy bed!)

Now that we have a go for the Festival the Boxshop will be soon crawling with Flaming Lotus Girls again. We will descend upon the shop like the Flaming Locust Girls we are, but maybe for Charlie and the other Boxshop artists we can at least clean-up our beer cans this year!

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