Keep your fingers crossed

Its in.23_caroline_miller.jpg

The Creative Work Fund we applied for in collaboration with Black Rock Arts Foundation is in. And in usual day it is due fashion, technology was challenging us up to the last minute. Leslie and Hale at BRAF worked throughout the day Friday making sure the application got in, while juggling all of the other projects going on there (some great stuff is coming up! I got to be a fly on the wall and hear about their upcoming projects). Charlie and Pouneh dropped off the images Mills had complied for the application. Then they dropped off the application at the Creative Work Fund office with maybe 10 minutes to spare!

Now we just have to hope the project is something they would like to take on. But whether or not we get it, this is a step in the right direction. The Flaming Lotus Girls have been evolving for the last seven years, and each year it is amazing what we do to continually raise the bar and push ourselves in new directions. Now that we are continuing to push ourselves outside of Burning Man it will be interesting what kind of work we create and where else we can take our beautiful sculptures.

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