Proposals are done

02_camera_girl_camergirl_at_burningman_dot_com_2.jpgWe have taken over Charlie and Poons while they are gone and are finishing up the proposal for Burning Man 2007. (Don’t worry Charlie and Poon we’ll clean up after ourselves). Many super FLG have worked on this year’s proposal…Rosa Anna spent ridiculous amounts of time putting it together and whining when we went over budget. Mills created an amazingly beautiful document to wow them. Rebecca made some incredible images of what we invision for next year. Yasi, Sarah and Kezia helped design and make more wonderful visuals. Mark and Brandi did a lot of work editing. For writing and general cutieness a shout out to Hallie, James, Tad, David, Judy, Brent, JDV, Anne, Oliva, Cheryl, Stella, and more that I’m surely forgetting (but know that it is more my ineptidute to remember, than your lack of super stardom).

Also congrats to the swarm crew for turning in a stellar proposal VIA VA LA SWARM!

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  1. Tahoe Fire Dancers

     /  July 24, 2007

    Wish We could have another Art Instalation this year at BM …

  2. We will have the Head (or how we say it HED) from the Angel out there this year. No it won’t be the Serpent or some other fabulous creation you can play with, but it will be a wonderful warm place to be. We are collaborating and helping on several projects out there this year. SWARM, Crude Awakenings, and The Mechabolic, so our spirit will definitely be there!


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