The Girls return from Oz

JDV, Marlies, and I have landed. Jet-Lagged, but excited to see all the FLG soon.

We left Chalie and Poon to wander New Zealand. And Oona went into the desert with the Dead Chickens (those stories should be very interesting!)

We spent the last night with some of the other Muck-a-Mucks for a farewell dinner in celebration of Mizpoons birthday.

We were very fortunate to be able to work with these other talented artists down here, and hopefully we can persuade them to come to the Bay Area and visit, soon.

And while we were slothing about in Australia the other FLG have been working like mad here on upcoming projects. Stay tuned for more from our daily lives here in the Box Shop.

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    LOL – only joking, can’t wait to see you guys too :)


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