Final City Adelaide

Hand in AdilaideWe are here final city, final show. Just finished the water test and we are off to the beach for a couple of hours to rejuvenate. Why? Because we had a little bit of fun last night. And you know a little bit of fun Flaming Lotus style is not so little. We arrived yesterday afternoon and craned the Hand up. She is again sitting pretty up on the hill looking towards the main stages (Miles deserves some big kudoos for negotiating this one). After getting the Hand on her perch we headed back to the hotel to get gussied up to have dinner with Ken, the Big Day Out promoter, and all of the other Muck-a-Mucks (Miles , Zai, Chris, Dave, the Dead Chickens, Big Jim (interactive lasers), and the Camera Obscura crew We had a great time with Ken and Kathy, and all the other Mucks at an Argentinean restaurant in Adelaide. And yours truly even fell off the wagon and ate meat for the first time in years, it was that good or maybe it was just that I was starving and there wasn’t much there for a vegetarian to enjoy. Then we headed back to the hotel and watched “Bush Mechanics” , a DVD we bought. Its a reality TV show about fixing vehicles out in the bush. We’ll have another showing when we get home it is quite funny and includes fixes with wood and includes a sort of Mechanical spiritual guide that pops up when things good awry.

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