Sparkle poof

groupThe Melbourne show is done. The hand is packed and on the way to the Final show Friday in Adeilade. Cross your fingers that all stays intact.

Did you realize that we will have done four shows in four different states in Australia covering 10,000 miles to get here. It would be less but Chris our support staff here gets lost frequently. It doesn’t help that he has a car full of FLG harassing him and all giving simultaneous directions. Its good to know this far from home we act more or less the same.

And for you triva buffs we have also found the official animals for each state; Queensland Koala (appropriate since we saw Koalas here) , New South Wales the Laughing Kookaburra (makes sense we heard them all over the Olympic park here), Victoria the Helmeted Honey Eater (haven’t seen this but what the hell is it, sounds mildly pornographic), and South Australia the Hairynosed Wombat (as we head further west they get worse). Australians are weird!

Birds eye viewThe audience here in Melbourne was the best we had so far. People paid attention to the show and even commented on the quality of the sculpture itself. The people here have proven to be a bit more sophisticated than the other two shows. Zai who helped bring us here got a chance during the fire test to be another girl inducted into our world wide FLG contingent. And of course we completely forgot to take any pictures. But we did manage to somehow plead enough that Chris went up in the carnival ride next to us and took pictures of the first show even though he was scared to do it. I guess it didn’t help that I said I’d kill him if anything happened toGreen my camera on the ride down (a sort of verticle drop experience, they slowed it down of course).

Marlies was on the buttons for the show and she proved JDV wrong. JDV thought Marlies would be a good slow operator, but she is a bit of a pyro, Surprise, Surprise.

And this show we got the Sparkle Poof out again. And Miles took some great photos of the second show of the night. Also note the Orange Methanol, care of our Mad Scientist JDV.

Sparkle poof

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  1. Tad

     /  January 29, 2007

    Wow, just…wow!
    Y’all are amazing!
    Hey, can you put some pink tape on those headsets? :)




    Now….give me all those images in high res right now – I need them, just to be closer to them will make me feel better – they are frickin AMAZING

    You guys ROCK MY WORLD



  3. Lynn

     /  January 29, 2007

    Mreawww love the matching suits!

    The orange methanol looks amazing … likey!

  4. Michelle

     /  January 30, 2007

    You are all looking so HOT and professional in your matching suits and headsets. The pics are amazing. Go world FLG domination. I am loving keeping up with what is happening down under and have told some good friends over there to keep their eyes peeled and to hang onto their eyebrows.

    Love from the UK rep ; )

    michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. katdodge

     /  January 31, 2007

    hey, the pics look great. we made it home safe and wanted to tell you guys thanks for being so hospitable and all. Erica and I had a great time being FLG groupies. Hope all goes well for your last show and return home safely. Kathy DOdge


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