Its a Melbourne thing

Oona and the broken fingerHere we are in yet another venue, another city and another ordeal to overcome. It is hard to be such a bunch of competent people (all of you FLG back at home included), but this tour has put us to the test.

Yesterday was our setup day, and after opening the container we thought that this is it we are going home. Melbourne is the only city where we had a one day turn around. After opening the container we thought no way would this show be possible. We were crushed and the hand wasn’t so good either. We had a broken finger, and not just any finger, it was the pointer. But never say something is impossible to a Flaming Lotus Girl we like proving you wrong.

The carpenters even came over and gave us a bandaid to put us in a better spirit.


After assessing what happened we started to do what we do best work under pressure and get creative.

We first sent in the nurses to give the finger a splint as we stood the hand up.


And by the end of the day we managed to do what we thought was impossible. Fix the hand test it and plan for the show.what_damage.jpgfixed finger

After a day that started out looking impossible we were feeling very happy by the end.


Its good to be a Flaming Lotus Girl!


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  1. Michael Prados

     /  January 28, 2007

    you are rock stars… i feel sorry for poor miz pointer finger, but it’s amazing that you pulled off a repair that fast! good luck, be nice to your hand!


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