Never trust Mizpoon!


What a day!gold_coast.jpg
Just when you start to get cocky that Hand reminds you who is the real star of the show and we are merely her roadies.

After the first show in the Gold Coast, which tested our ability to work with local Australia authorities, we were ready for an easier show in Sydney. Don’t we know by now, that easy in FLG terms can be very misleading?

After triumphantly overcoming the local Fire Brigade in the Gold Coast (one of whom was a winner of the Ironman Triathlon, yum), and winning over the band Muse we were excited about the Sydney show.

The venue is amazing. The Hand is perched up on the top of a hill overlooking the main stages. Wow, just seeing her being put up was amazing.

But Sydney proved not to be so easy. The first day was quite a hurry up and wait sort of day. We got to the site and our container wasn’t on site yet, so we waited for that. Then we waited for the forklift to take it out, then we had to wait for the platform the Hand was on to be certified, while the Hand was hanging off of the crane for an hour (but now we know she weighs a whopping 2.5 tons with her new trailer). Then we waited for power, and waited for water to do the water test, and the waited for the dreaded work cover safety team, and waited and waited. So the first day we finally did a water test at eleven. Today we thought we would go to the site do a quick fire test and be done….this was our first mistake thinking it would be easy. First the fuel main fuel line busted, and Poon hunted down somepink_crane.jpg one in Sydney to create a new one for us. Keep in mind that in Australia they use a different pipe standard almost the same but not quite. But we found someone he is a new hero of ours, Michael. Besides being a great guy and loving the fact he was helping repair a huge fire blasting hand he had the most amazing pluming truck, with everything you ever wanted (Mills and Rosa Anna you would love it, we took pictures for you!) Then the control box wasn’t so happy with the foreign power system and was ground faulting, blowing the breakers in our power drop. Keep in mind here that one of the promoters who brought us here is a certified electrician and nearly had a heart attack when he saw our grinder with the wire nuts at the first show (which blew his power transformer). And then there was the big bang, but we will discuss that at a later date, suffice to say we reacted safely.

And then Mizpoon lost the $1500.00 dollar receipt for the new pipe (sorry Stella).

But our saving grace is Chris who is our angel. Chris is our support staff here in Australia, and deals with us! And is sort of like our dad.

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  1. Lynn

     /  January 24, 2007

    big hello to all the crew and Robodock alumni from us ; freezing at the boxshop!

    Mreaaaawwwawawww!!! wish i was there ;)

  2. Jordana

     /  January 24, 2007

    You guys rock!!! I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to read more about your experiences.

    and my friends are very, very jealous about you meeting Muse.


    AND YES – we want to see pictures of the plumbing truck!!!

    MEOWOOWOWOWOWOWW miss you all,


  4. Rebecca Hotmetal

     /  January 25, 2007

    Go team go! Yes indeed, the Hand of God, she don’t fuck around. So proud of you and your ability to keep on truckin’. Best of luck and send some more performance shots! And we want to hear about the rest of Big Day Out, provided you have the time to see any of it. Love and pipe dope, xoxRbca

  5. Twister Lee

     /  January 25, 2007

    I’m waiting in horrified fascination to hear what the big bang was!

    You should fly me down immediately to help. Nights have been zero or below here for three weeks running! Aztec hotel and warm beaches, yo mama!


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