Out of Sydney, Up the Coast

JDV here with an update of the fearless Flaming Lotus Girl down under. All six of us arrived with the usual folding, spindiling, and mutilation of a 13.5 hr flight. I came in the day after the rest and so will have to leave the first day stories, to the rest of them.

Oona here, while JDV is checking in for the flight. Australia is an interesting place, a combination of England (it’s very English) and Hawaii or some other tropical paradise. We read that Australia is the number one country to get skin cancer in, especially for us with a fairer complexion. This morning we swam at shark beach in a protected shark netted area, we hear that they also have helicopters that patrol the coast for sharks. It is expensive here but other then that we have been seeing the sights, Taking ferries over to Manly Beach and other such exciting destinations. We are on out way to Surfers Paradise for our first show, which we are all excited about. At the moment we are causing may ham at the airport as we check our luggage, as there is a weight limit of which we are mostly over. As well as rechecking the fuel pump that is not allowed on the plane. We are traveling with the Dead Chickens crew and our roadies and some organizers. So far it has been fun and the jet lag was not too bad. Until next time.


Also some stealth stickering.

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  1. YAY – Go FLG

    Bring me back some proper chocolate

  2. Aimee

     /  January 28, 2007

    You guys rock…thanks for representing!…Im starting to get excited back here about this up coming summer!!! Can’t wait to have you guys back :)


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