A shout out…..

Before some of us jump on the plane to head down under. I just wanted to let you know who else spent time beautifing the hand for her trip.

yasi_hog.jpgCheers to Rebecca for making beautiful new halos! James was there doing what needed to be done. The Geeks came out Lee, Tad, Rich, and David, ya! Also pluming away Olivia, Jill and Rosa Anna, you rock! Ray, Cheryl, Charlotte, Craig, Yasi, and Paul Walker put time in making her look wonderful. Jack Schroll was our trailer mentor and drove the trailer to the Box shop. Cheryl was also our craigslist/toolbox queen and scoured craigslist for appropriate toolboxes and paid for some too!! Liam found new trailer axles for us! Nick the neighbor took photos of our insane loading and like usual was our lucky charm.

I most likely left someone out so add them.

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