What is The Hand of God

02_karlhand31.jpg13_karlhand4.jpg 09_handinboxkezia.jpg


The Hand of God is a 12′ copper and steel sculpture of a women’s left hand with 5 liquid fuel flame effects in Her fingertips. 

The Hand of God will rise from the ground with all five fingers reaching for the sky, both beckoning to and threatening the barren world that surrounds it. She will cast judgment or blessing upon all that make the pilgrimage to her.

During the day the Hand of God will be a shining sculpture; at night the Hand will produce huge, hot, 50- to 60-foot flames through nozzles in each of the five fingers, fed by a central kerosene reservoir. Fire will fly from the tips of her fingers into the air, visible and thrilling to everyone .  Those close by will feel the heat of God and hear her roar—a visceral, unforgettable, full-body experience.

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