FLG TEDx Talk: How Big Art is Made in a Do-ocracy

Bethany, Crystin and Denise spoke at TEDx Constitution Drive last month, and the video was just published! Here is our story of how FLG uses the structural model of Do-ocracy, and how we make it work for us!

Fireworks through Soma

There was a mayoral conference here in SF last weekend, and FLG’s very own pyrotechnician Dave X was on the crew that handled the celebratory fireworks. They were shot off about 200 yards off Pier 14, right behind our sculpture Soma.

photo by Ted

photo by Ted

Xylo Mushrooms at Distrikt’s REVEL

One of our favorite DJ crews Distrikt threw a fabulous party last weekend, and FLG wanted to help! We brought out a couple of our favorite mushrooms from Xylophage, to cast some shade and and create a  comfortable chill space.


shady mushrooms. photo by Meike G

image (1)

chill space! photo by Meike G

FLG Proposal for the Bayview Gateway Public Art Project


We are extremely honored and excited to be one of three finalists for a San Francisco Arts Commission project: a sculptural installation right at the entrance of our very own neighborhood, Bayview!

Check out the full proposal here!

We’ve worked long and hard to envision a sculpture for Bayview, aiming to give something beautiful and monumental to the community. Our proposal is on display at the Bayview Branch Library, 5075 3rd Street in San Francisco. It’ll be up until June 14th.


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