World Domination continues…

We are ecstatic to announce that FLG is bringing everyone’s favorite flaming snake to Melbourne, Australia for White Night. It’s an all-night illumination-focused art and entertainment event, and we are so excited to bring our fire down to be part of it this round! Check out our listing on their program.

Snakey is already getting some local media hype, and there will surely be more to come as the even draws near. Meanwhile, we have some work to do — even though we just brought this sculpture to Calgary in September, we always discover things that could be improved, reconditioned, or sometimes totally overhauled. So we’ll be busy working on kneading out some kinds until we have to pack ‘er all up and lock the shipping container doors shut. And on that note, it’s time to go cut some metal brackets for the electronics boxes… stay tuned for more hype and updates!

FLG world domination, y’all!


In the Red: Gallery Show & Holiday Art Party


In the Red: FLG Gallery Show & Holiday Art Party
hosted by The Flaming Lotus Girls
Saturday, Dec 9 8pm-2am
934 Brannan St, San Francisco, California 94103

Tickets: $20-$90

World-renowned fire sculpture mavens, the Flaming Lotus Girls, announce an evening of art and revelry!

We’ll be celebrating and raising funds for NOETICA, our stainless steel sculpture which debuted at Burning Man 2017. We invite you to come out, get your hands on our heavy metal, enjoy the vibe, and bid on limited edition FLG art!

* * SCORE Burning Man 2018 tickets at this event! Raffle tickets can be purchased for two Burning Man tickets and a vehicle pass for only $20 each, or $100 for 6. Dare to dream that these tickets could be yours! * *

♥ Show your love for the FLG by wearing your favorite RED outfit! ♥

* Interactive FLG sculpture NOETICA, fresh from the playa
* Gallery art show with 70+ archival quality prints.
* Unique artwork by FLG members & other local artists in silent auction

This is the perfect opportunity to shop for a unique holiday gift for that special art lover in your life, while supporting the Flaming Lotus Girls.

All-female DJ lineup, starring:
Jessica Stanell: ICARUS

Black Velveteen: Airpusher Collective, Proton Radio

Jae: Airpusher Collective

Three Ticket Tiers are available to show your support!
* FLG FAN: $15 Early Bird Special (SOLD OUT!) now $20 for single admission

* LOTUS LOVER SPECIAL: $50 for 1 Admission + 1 coat check ticket + 1 drink ticket and 1 special gift to take home

* FABULOUS FLAMES: $90 for 2 Admissions + 2 coat checks + 2 drink tickets and 2 special gifts to take home

Wrapping up Beakerhead

We had an absolute blast during our 5-day run shooting fire into the sky up here at Beakerhead. The shows went smoothly, our crew was tight, and the people of Calgary LOVED IT.


Maybe these ladies are future BLGs…? photo by John S

The Beakerhead staff photographers got some truly amazing shots of Snakey in this amazing photoset; have a gander.


We shot four times on Beakernight, the biggest night of the event. This pic was taken from the basket of a crane, over 200 feet in the air! photo by Penny Breedon


Mills mugging for the camera, right before our first egg shot of the night. photo by Denise


A triple-shot of methanol during our last shooter show on Beakernight. photo by Mills

We closed out Sunday evening with a very special show — our very own FLG Elyse L. got married in a gorgeous ceremony right at the base of the Serpent! She and her new hubby originally met at Burning Man in 2015, the year the Serpent returned to playa.


A few minutes before they exchanged vows, the newlyweds shot diesel fuel out of the egg. photo by Denise


The wedding as seen from the fuel depot. photo by Denise

Before we even left site on Sunday, we were well on our way into strike. Taking things apart goes so much faster than building things up, and our powerhouse crew should have the snake back in the box by Tuesday.

We have so many people to thank for helping us make this show so special. The Beakerhead staff and production crew were incredibly supportive and made our time here an absolute treat.

Inclement weather makes for lovely Snakescapes

Tonight is Beakernight, the biggest night of the event, and we have a long night ahead of us! But here is a quick post to fill in the last few days.


At least the rain and hail yielded a rainbow for us! photo by Robin


Paul from the BLGs got this great sunset shot.


Crystin and the Serpent showing off their pearly whites and metallic fangs, respectively. photo by Denise


the front page of the free daily paper. photo by Denise


largest in the WORLD, you guys… photo by Denise


Beakerhead has over a dozen interactive stations located all over the city, so a bunch of us went for a walk to try to find them. This one is The Claw, where three people work together to control a giant gripper that grasps, lifts and deposits big bags into a collection area. Ted is on the X axis and Andrea is on the Y axis, while Hethur and Margaret cheer them on. photo by Denise


Mike Prados is the FLG mechanical engineering hero whose expertise guided the original design on the Serpent Mother. He was invited by the Engineering Department of the University of Calgary to give a talk about how his career has developed since his undergraduate days. photo by Denise


After the lecture, Mike chatted with curious engineering students about the nuances of spherical robots. photo by Denise


Margaret shining up the large pressure vessel during the daytime show. photo by Denise