Keyhole peek into what FLG’s doing right now…

We’re right in the middle of busy discussions about repairs and upgrades, and figuring out which events we can bring our art to this summer… But while we get that all sorted, we are thrilled to announce that we received a Black Rock City Honoraria Grant and will be building a NEW sculpture for Burning Man 2017!

More info as it comes into focus…

Hat tip from @burningman

FLG got a nice mention from @burningman today, about this film on the installation of Soma in Vallejo!

FLG featured in a new documentary

We are honored to be included in a new documentary called “Burning Man: Set the World on Fire.” We are featured in interviews about Soma and about public art at large. Starting around 32 minutes in, you can see some lovely clips of its installation in Vallejo. Enjoy!

Moving forwards together.

The Flaming Lotus Girls are standing by our community in this struggle to move forward in the midst of the Ghost Ship tragedy. Something like this should not ever happen and it is difficult to even find the words to offer comfort to those who have lost friends and family. We just want to say that we love you all and we are here in support of all of those impacted by this disaster.

Many members of our community have reached out to us to learn more about fire safety in the wake of everything we’re all processing. While our fire safety training is geared towards fire effects and performances, there are of course best practices that overlap. FLG is discussing how our knowledge and skills can best serve the greater art community when it comes to fire safety, perhaps in the form of a safety training workshop. We will provide more details on that very soon.

Together we can help make our community safer and together we will get through this.

Much Love,
The Flaming Lotus Girls