Anne & Mark’s was fabulous party!


alveoli!  photo by Catbird

Pulse had a great run this past weekend at Anne & Mark’s party. We learned that a 16′ box truck will neatly carry one pod and two of our big red round propane vessels (boobies tanks) — good to know, as we’ll surely be showing Pulse again locally.

Check out this quick video of sweet poofing action.


controlling Pulse from the pod, Amanda on the buttons.  photo by Catbird


Amanda mugging. photo by Catbird

This was the second time we’ve set her up, and now we have a good idea of how long it takes to get the whole system assembled and tested, as well as some ideas to streamline it for next time.

Thanks to everyone who came out and pushed out buttons!


photo by Catbird


Pulse at Anne & Mark’s Art Party in San Jose!

Catch Pulse in San Jose starting this coming weekend! We’re showing her at Anne & Mark’s Art Party, which bills itself as “an Occasional and Irrational San Jose Arts Fest.”

This event features a really impressive amount of art; it began as a humble house-based gallery show, but it was such a success it grew and grew each year… and this time around, they’re taking over the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds for a whole week!

San Jose’s Mercury News did a story on it last week; read it here. This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland, and the event will feature a chess board with 3′ tall pieces, and a 100′ long table for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.


photo by Mills

The Opening Gala begins on Saturday the 24th, and culminates with a Fashion Show the following weekend. There is tremendous artistic diversity at this event — browse through their menu here. Then, get your tickets here, and we’ll see you at the party!

Coming soon…

Watch this space for details on how to get your hands on our FLG 2017-18 Calendar!


teaser collage by Nicole Bratt


Daytime Pulse

Here’s an image of Pulse during one of the calmer moments out on playa. We have since packed ‘er up, driven her home to San Francisco…


daytime shot of Pulse by Gabi Forca

… and now the massive cleaning efforts begin. We’ll be at the shop all weekend massaging playa out of our electronics with a toothbrush, and aggressively blasting it off of more durable surfaces with a power washer.

Anatomically-correct heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to visit and play with our art!