Engineering help needed!

FLG are looking for a structural engineer to help us bring to life our latest creation…Soma. Do you know someone who can help?!

Flaming Lotus Girls are busy at work on our latest fire sculpture – Soma – for Burning Man 2009. We’re looking for some expert engineering help and support. What we need: an engineering whiz to give us structural guidance. Using our drawings and material specifications (mostly in stainless steel), this whiz will do some basic calculations to make sure the sculpture is a) strong enough to support its weight; and b) able to be freestanding. In gratitude for this help, we’ll be offering a ticket to Burning Man…and our everlasting love and affection. If you can help or know someone else who can, please contact us:


About Soma

Soma is a fantastical sculpture that translates the anatomy of neurons into metal, fire and light, magnifying the microscopic world to an epic scale. It is composed of two neurons bound through electrochemical pulses. One neuron appears partially buried in the playa, the other floats overhead while an elegant axon arches between them. Fire and lighting effects flow like electrochemical signals from the buried, transmitting neuron over the high-reaching axon to the elevated, receiving neuron. For more information see

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Coachella comments from the geeks

Friday night it was still a little chilly out there and the serpent’s coil was crammed full of people huddling for warmth. Even on the other nights, when it was warm, people would crowd around and sit about the fire, and stay long after we’d turned off the fire, and even the lights.

Before we left, the geeks had heard a lot about how people would be out of control and how it was a different crowd from Burning Man (which it was). But people were almost a little too respectful–we had to really invite them in to play with the buttons, it seemed. I didn’t hear about anyone trying to climb on the piece. Maybe it’s the power of the fire, but even very drunk messed up people were just having fun and wanted to talk and were just excited.

Doors Open

The Serpent is up and the doors are open.  100 people are streaming in every second!  We will miss the private concerts as bands sound check, some of our favorites were hearing Leonard Cohen and Sir Paul McCartney.  But we are all excited to show our girl off to a whole new crowd.  Hopefully we will inspire someone or kindle the inner pyro in others.

Sunset Serpent by David Elsworth

We will update you later with our stories from tonights show.

love and fire,
Your Flaming Lotus Girls

Opening Day

Missed a couple of days of blogging, there’s been so much to do. Getting the spine erected is  a lot like building a house. You get the walls up and you think you’re almost done and then you remember plumbing, electrical, etc. Same thing here.

We got to light the piece the night before last, just a preliminary test of the continuous fire and a couple of poofs. We are so used to running our own show that we were surprised when the Coachella staff came racing over in a panic because we had the Serpent lit. It was totally under control, though.

The fire marshal came last night. He is a total professional  and he “gets” the piece.  There are concerns about having a crowd of this size come up close to the piece, especially since few of them have ever interacted with a fire sculpture before, but the marshal is working with us to  get the audience in as close as possible, while keeping them safe. The perception is that Burning Man is unsafe, but concert goers who don’t expect to look out for themselves are more of a concern to us.

Our new vaporizer, Thelma, is just brilliant. Perhaps too smart. When we did the test last night, she reacted to having all the poofers turned on at once by shutting down. She thought we were pulling too much fuel at one time. I guess we have to earn her trust. The plumbers think they have come up with a solution which involves turning on the poofers at the ball valve farm one at a time so the pressure equalizes and also changing the way the vaporizer is plumbed.

We meeting with the fire marshal again this morning and running our first show tonight.


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