Did you make it over to the 3:00 Plaza?

Did you see the FLG showcase, featuring some of our favorite stand-alone pieces? We were comfortably embedded at the plaza on the 3:00 radial, between A and C. Here’s how Merope looked during a beautiful sunset… propane tanks in the foreground, of course, cause we’re fuel-happy.


Sabrina’s shot of our star

… and then, come night-fall, we lit ‘er up big! See the feathers, from the Angel of the Apocalypse, shooting off a cloud of combustion on the outer edges of the plaza!


photo by Sabrina

FLG presence at Burning Man 2014


Jess Bruder with Merope

The photos are just starting to trickle out to the default world, but we’ve got one to share with you: Merope, on fire, in the 3:00 Plaza!

FLG brought a few elements from our favorite pieces to share with the citizens of Black Rock City, and we situated them in the cozy corner of the 3:00 Plaza for maximum participant interaction.

This is the first time the updated Merope is visiting the playa. Continuous fire lights each of her eight points, which flare up individually and in combination, in response to our interactive button controls.

Surrounding Merope are the 12′ tall feathers from our 2005 installation Angel of the Apocalypse, and we even brought the wooden benches from our 2013 installation Xylophage, so participants can take a break while people-watching and fire-gazing.

FLG loves BRAF!

Nothing big ever happens without an immense amount of support.
Countless individuals and groups all contributed to bringing Soma to
the public, and FLG would like to call out the Black Rock Arts
Foundation for their huge help.

BRAF has plenty of experience with the permit process, and they helped
make it go much more smoothly. FLG knows how to wrench down bolts and
cope pipe, but we are totally new to the process of securing a permit,
predicting the requests of the city, and having every document
accurate to spec and ready to hand over in a tidy package. BRAF helped
keep us sane through all of that.

They were part of our installation crew! They lent us infrastructure,
they helped out on site, and they came through for check-in visits to
make sure we were happy and making good progress. Which we were,
because what’s more fun than building big art with your friends?

Prince Paul of BRAF and Denise, being entirely too goofy up in the boom lift

Prince Paul of BRAF and Denise, being entirely too goofy up in the boom lift

BRAF also gave us a generous pile of funds for the installation of
Soma. This project was not a money-making venture for anyone; we
fundraised for months, we ratcheted our budget down as hard as we
safely could, and we clawed our resources together to bring Soma out
to play. BRAF’s financial contribution was absolutely vital, and none
of this would’ve happened without them.

So HUGE SLOPPY LIPSTICK KISSES go to our pals at the Black Rock Arts
Foundation, for bringing “art everywhere!” and making our city this
much more fun!

Soma’s first news feature!

Local CBS station KPIX did a feature on Soma tonight!



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