Soma has its “knee blubs” now!


Carolyn’s shot of the upper dodeca, whose newly added lights cast a nice warm glow on the decking.

Tonight, our FLG geek heroes installed the LED modules into the lower lights, which were previously left unlit. They look FABULOUS and you should come down to Pier 14 and see them this week!

Support Ace in the Hole, a documentary about the roots of FLG and other local industrial artists!

We are so proud of our long-time member Yasi Mawaz-Khan, a filmmaker who is hard at work completing her latest film Ace In The Hole! It’s a documentary that tells the story of Ace Junkyard, the auto wrecker, artist resource and event space that supported industrial art in the Bay Area for many years.

For years, local artists sourced tons and tons of junk from Ace, and turned it into the creations that define the industrial arts movement our city is known for. The Flaming Lotus Girls found all kinds of objects to incorporate into many of our sculptures: Flower Garden, Fire Island, Fire Fan, the Hand of God, the Seven Sisters, the Angel of the Apocalypse, and the Serpent Mother.

FLGs Tamara Li and Rbca Hotmetal celebrate their entry, The Bunny Magic Thruster, at the Power Tool Drag Races at Ace Junkyard.


Tamara Li and Lynn Bryant working  on their race entry.

In addition to the physical space of the junkyard, Ace In The Hole tells the story of owner Bill Kennedy, and explores the ways in which communities develop and how lives transform in the most unlikely places. On a larger scale, the film addresses a current issue in San Francisco and across the Untied States: where are all our alternative arts spaces going?

Among the many events held at Ace, the Power Tool Drag Races is a memorable favorite. Check out these classic pics of The Bunny Magic Thruster, a racing vehicle that some FLGs entered.

Come to the Ace in the Hole screening party, next Thursday the 23rd of October! Check out a 20 minute work-in-progress cut of the film, and see some original videos, art and music from the Junkyard. We’ll be at the Cyclecide Swearhouse, 1660 Jerrold Ave in San Francisco. For more information, see the Facebook event page. Come on out for live music, dancing and mingling. Cover is $20 suggested donation; no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Doors open at 6:30p, and the film starts at 7:00p sharp! We’ll see you there!

Can’t make it? Support the film through Kickstarter!

Soma on Google Street View

You know you’re officially part of the local landscape when the Google Street View cameras capture you.

hell yeah.

Soma featured in a tourist magazine

If you spend a few minutes at Pier 14 during the evening, you’ll appreciate just how much foot traffic Soma is getting. Presumably it’s largely due to the prime placement of the sculpture, but it could be supported by local tourism advertising! This brief article was spotted in a travelers rag called Where.this one

Impressively, their photo captures the sculpture from the most popular angle, but manages to keep that bright, pesky street lamp in the background from blowing out the whole shot. Nice.


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